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The Association of Arab Universities is a non-governmental organization that has an independent legal character. Its membership includes 400 Arab Universities at the present time. AARU’s was established in 1964 upon a resolution issued by the Arab League. A temporary Secretariat General was formed in Cairo, Egypt. In 1969, permanent Secretariat General was designated. Its permanent headquarters has been in Amman since 1984, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

What is the Mission of AARU?

The mission of AARU aims at “Assisting and coordinating the efforts of Arab Universities to prepare capable graduates who can serve their Arab communities and preserve its unified culture and civilization, as well as to assist in developing its natural resources”

1. Vision of AArU
AARU is the platform for Arab higher education institutions who aim to strengthen, reinforce the quality of, and transform higher education and research to address challenges and realize prosperous future for their graduates.

2. Mission of AArU
AArU facilitates and supports Arab Universities and higher education stakeholders in the development of state-of-the-art transformational solutions to prepare graduates who master the knowledge and competencies needed in strengthening and serving their national and regional communities; and in integrating globally to address shared challenges and produce impactful results. In this respect, AARU focuses on mobilizing knowledge production and exchange, joint research, and partnerships over collective actions; strengthening the capacities of university systems and staff; empowering student communities; and impacting policies related to universities and higher education.

3. Goals of AArU

The following six goals have been agreed to be the focus for the upcoming period 2019-2030:

1. Establish AArU as the Unique Platform for Arab higher education institutions and stakeholders to access state-of-the-art knowledge and information on higher education and research in the Arab region and around the world, define and discuss priority issues, develop partnerships, and initiate collective actions on education and research with the aim of strengthening their institutions, outcomes and impact.

2. Promote and facilitate the development and strengthening of partnerships among Arab Universities and stakeholders and the collaboration with counterpart associations and institutions at the inter-regional and global level to collaborate on joint research projects, knowledge exchange and production, develop capacities and improve university research and education systems and deliverables, in a way to realize complementarity among these universities.

3. Promote and facilitate the direction towards transformational learning and multi-disciplinary approaches within universities, advising on the reform of structure and contents within universities, as needed, and facilitating the development of organizational and staff capacities to equip the students with the knowledge and intellectual, business and social competencies needed to contribute positively to the development of their societies and to meeting the global challenges.

4. Broaden and strengthen the implementation of quality assurance and accreditation systems and the cross-regional and international recognition of  ArabUniversities’ awarded degrees.

5. Promote, support and facilitate research, knowledge production and innovation within and among universities to produce solutions for regional and shared global challenges.

6. Strengthen AArU governance and secretariat to enable the Association to perform and realize its reviewed mission, goals and expected outcomes and impact.

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Advance HE are a member-led, sector-owned charity that works with institutions and higher education across the world to improve higher education for staff, students and society. We are experts in higher education with a particular focus on enhancing teaching and learning, effective governance, leadership development and tackling inequalities through our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work.

Our strategic goals to enhance confidence and trust in HE, address systemic inequalities and advance education to meet the evolving needs of students and society, support the work of our members and the HE sector. We deliver our support through professional development programmes and events, Fellowships, awards, student surveys and research, providing strategic change and consultancy services and through membership (including accreditation of teaching and learning, equality charters, knowledge and resources).

The growing dynamism on the international scene of the institutions and associations of higher education of the host country is a sign of the great interest in organizing a world-class meeting that allows projecting the diversity and quality of the academic offer and establishing a dialogue with the participants about the current challenges and trends in international education both in the region and in the world.

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MEDAD Cloud Platform was developed by Naseej® to support educational institutes in the region in their digital transformation initiatives and is designed to ensure students enjoy unique and feature rich learning experiences that actively supports their academic progress and contributes to their success. MEDAD Cloud Platform provides educational institutes with all the necessary solutions, tools and applications required to digitize their services all within one unified ecosystem, fully managed, on the cloud, with the utmost possible guarantee of security, reliability and services availability.

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Coursera was launched in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, with a mission to provide universal access to world-class learning. It is now one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, with 92 million registered learners as of September 30, 2021.

Coursera partners with over 200 leading governments, university, and industry partners to offer a broad catalog of content and credentials, including Guided Projects, courses, specializations, certificates, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees. More than 6,000 institutions have used Coursera to upskill and reskill their employees, citizens, and students, including in high-demand fields such as data science, technology, and business.

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Founded in 2011 by Ben Nelson, Minerva is a pathbreaking educational innovator. Its mission, nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world, is being pursued in two key ways. First, by providing a premier education to the world’s top students, through Minerva University, it is preparing future leaders and innovators to address the most complex challenges of our time. Second, by building a global network of mission-aligned partners, Minerva is extending its ability to design and deliver future-oriented learning and talent development programs to learners at multiple stages—from secondary school students to undergraduate and graduate degree candidates to working professionals and executive leaders.
Minerva programs are all based on best practices derived from the science of learning, and honed through its own experience. The core elements of its academic model include a fully active learning pedagogy, curricula designed with cross-contextual scaffolding, and frequent formative peer and instructor feedback. These are delivered via an advanced software platform, called Forum TM .

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Cengage is the global education and technology company built for learners whose products create learning experiences, building confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Cengage has a single belief, that every student has the potential to be unstoppable, so Cengage designs tools that keep them moving toward their goals.

Visit us at or follow us on Twitter @CengageEMEA and

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(AUAP) is an association of university chief executives from higher education institutions in Asia Pacific and around the world. AUAP was founded and established by representatives of universities in the Asia and Pacific region assembled in conference at Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on 28 July 1995 to be the voice of the universities in the Asia and Pacific region on matters that affect them.